Kim Covington

Principal Partner

The Covington Companies is a trusted philanthropic consulting firm to the nation’s leading nonprofit foundations and organizations. We provide expertise and individualized solutions, helping nonprofits create strong relationships with donors and enabling grant makers and corporations to invest their resources wisely. Covington also consults and collaborates and guides clients through their journey towards meeting their goals for educational access, quality and equity.


Education and Philanthropic Consulting


As an education advocate and television education reporter for over 10 years, Kim Covington combines her passion and expertise with class and charisma to deliver dynamic presentations for audiences across the nation. Known for her commitment to providing valuable information backed by data, and first hand accounts from educators, students and  experts, Kim approaches every engagement as an opportunity to inspire and motivate each person in the room.


Speaking and Hosting

Kim Covington has over 30 years of experience in commercial and industrial voice-overs, training videos and more. Your message will be made clear, concise and engaging.



Voice Overs/Commercials

Investing in our Future

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